Saturday, September 17, 2016

If You Look for Me

If you look for me, I will not be in the 
usual places.  You will not find me in 
the jewelry chest, or the closet that
overflows.  My essence will not linger 
in the kitchen with steel pots and pans,

but if you leaf through poetry books, 
you may find me hiding in well-worn pages.  
The koi pond with its mellifluous waterfall, 
that you so lovingly builtor the flower 
garden bursting with myriad colors
may be places to search.

Think of our travels, and take a walk 
down a sandy path toward icy waves
falling like prisms of glass against 
craggy rock-formations.  Listen to fierce 
winds of the Midwest whooshing across 
prairie grasses.  Hear me whisper.  
Rise high into mountains pregnant 
with ancient treasures, and follow the sounds
of a waterfall—you’ll find me—inside
the life we shared.

Published by:  Poetry Quarterly – Spring 2014
Published By:  Ancient Paths Magazine – Winter 2015

© All rights reserved -  Nells Wasilewski

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